Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas Red White Silver Black

These personalized lolly pops are adorable, of course change the candy color!
Cherry Gummy Rings

Swirl Slat Water Taffy, elegant and pretty!

Jordan Almonds!

Champagne Bubbles

Gummy Bears. Also available in a variety of colors, large 5 pound bears!

swirled taffy

Personalized M&M's

Licorice Logs


Chocolate in silver wrapping. Hearts, rounds, stars

A variety of spotted cow candies

Gummy Penguins

A set-up similar to this. Apothecary jars, with ribbon colored as the wedding colors! Favor containers, tongs & more! (photo complimens of Wilton!)

Signature treats may include:

Adorable cake or Brownie pops!

chocolate/candy dipped Strawberries

Individually packaged White boxes with Bride and Groom Cookies!

More Strawberry Options!

A few more cake or brownie pop ideas

I love the lady bugs if you choose to go with a more whimsical design!

A fun treat for candy portion of the buffet (not a signature treat). Personalized little bags with a variety of jelly beans, of course in the wedding colors.

Custom jars plus apothecary jars:

Just a small sampling of some jar varieties. There are so many options in this color scheme. It would really be beautiful!

I believe that one could have a lot of fun with designing a Black, Red, White and Silver Wedding Candy Buffet! I am in the middle of designing a Gorgeous Periwinkle and White candy buffet for my own fall 2011 wedding!

There are many options for this above color scheme. It can be personalized, upgraded to a more elegant display or even a traditional rainbow candy land themed display.

I can customize this to add any of your favorites colors, a variety of decorations, ribbons, table linens, signature desserts and so much more!.

Please inquire for more information!


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