Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You Pinterested?

Are you Pinterested? Pinterest is the leading social application in the world. Thousands of dollars are spent each day via Pinterest members turned new customers. Millions of unique visitors are driven to websites thanks to the discovery of a multitude of information,projects,recipes,book reviews,business boosting advice and more. Pinterest provides a wealth of knowledge. Pinterest users range from the children to seniors. I personally know of several teenage girls that are nearly addicted to Pinterest.They love to read quotes,learn about new hairstyles, make-up tips,art projects and whatever else they happen to stumble across. I frequently surf the Pinterest website. I've tried to make several recipes and projects that I have learned about on Pinterest. I am on Pinterest with the user name Shanna Mommiesandbeyond.I really enjoy Pinterest. What kind of business success have you had with Pinterest? Have you made sells, networked or had an increase in website or blog traffic? I'd love to learn more about your Pinterest experience. I will share sime of my Pinterest projects here with you! I'd love to see yours as well!

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