Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy As Pie Click and Subscribe Blog and Column Hop

Join Mommies Crafts and Treasures in our very first blog hop. I would like to support fellow bloggers and writers. How about meeting new bloggers and writers, discovering new blogs, columns and make a little money while doing it.

When you visit a column or blog, please subscribe and click along some links of advertisements on the site. Please remember, some ads are pay-per-click and others may require the submission of an email address or a verification that you clicked and expressed an interest in doing so. Learn about some new opportunites, affiliate programs and maybe even find a product or service that you really wish to have or use. Please validate your subscriptions to each blog or column that you subcribe to.

Remember, some of our friends will make a little extra money if you also read some of his/her articles or follow thorugh with entering your email address on the links from an advertisement.
Have fun, make some friends, discover something new and comment!

When you comment, you may wish to leave your blog link or column url! Please return visits to your your Hop helpers!

Leave as many links as you would like for:
  • Your Blog
  • Your Columns
  • Your Freelance Articles
Invite your friends and share on your social media hang outs such as Face Book, Twitter, Writing Communities and so forth! Click below to add the linky to your Blog or Status !


    1. I'm a little lost here I go on blogs that are on the list and I don't see the list of links on the blogs. Is this event over?

    2. Steve, Yes, this event has ended! Sorry.


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