Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Finger Tee Shirts

I have learned of an awesome and hilarious T-Shirt Shop. There are hundreds of funny T-shirts. YOu can literally find something for anyone. The first time that I stumbled upon the website, I burst out laughing and surfed the shop site with a big smile on my face, Lol. No Joke...True Story!

I found funny shirts, cute shirts and shirts that are indeed too funny. Take a peek at some:

First, If you have seen the new American Pie The Reunion adn 4th movie in the popular series, you will reconize the following as a shirt that " Stifler" wore during the movie, Lol. That alone is enough reasons to purchase a shirt!

Orgasm Donor:

If you peek around, You will find another Popular American Pie Tee!

What Can I say, Inappropriate, Yet too damn funny!

For all those Bacon Lover's Out there!

I love this idea! How can you go wrong with a Surprise Mystery T-Shirt! You can not beat the price and you get a surprise. Can hardly Wait for mine to arrive. I really love this company and website. Swing on Over but don't forget that although these shirts are extremely affordable, I can offer you a discount. So, Follow the coupon link and code below to get a discount! Catch ya later friends!

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