Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reaching my New Years Resolution with

 I am excited to share that Online Shoes is hosting an exciting contest for anyone that loves shoes, wears shoes or even has feet!
I was truly surprised by the huge selection of toning shoes available at Online Shoes! There were 547 pairs of shoes that were muscle toning tools! I had a hard time choosing the pairs of tennis shoes that I liked best. I also liked: The Skechers Shape-Ups - Action Packed style
and I just could not even believe how comfortable this pair looked:
Skechers Tone-Ups - Spindrift!
This shoe is perfect to just throw on with a pair of jeans or to hang out at home!

I am pleased to be meeting my needs and working out while wearing these awesome Online Shoes store's Toning shoes! is hosting a wonderful Shoestakes! You can win a $50 Gift Certificate to spend on the fabulous shoes @! Earn by Tweeting or earn $2,000 Gift Certificates by blogging about the shoestakes .

Head over to Onlineshoes to read the rules of the Shoestakes and learn more about how you can win too!


  1. Hi, I found your blog on MBC. Nice blog! :)

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  2. Have you heard any reviews about those toning sneakers? I actually heard from a chiropractor that they really aren't good for you and you are better off with regular sneakers - the thinner the sole the better, especially if you are running. Any-hoo...good luck in the shoestakes - what an awesome contest right?!?! When you can, check out my shoestakes entry. xoxox
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